The AFTA Insolvency Chargeback Scheme (AICS) is a member focussed non-profit organisation created to support ATAS Accredited Travel Agents travel in the event of consumer credit card chargebacks as a result of a supplier insolvency.

Designed specifically for ATAS Accredited members, AICS is the first scheme of its kind that offers protection against Forward Delivery Risk that traditionally has not been covered by insurance providers.

AICS is a Mutual Fund, whereby members contribute to a collective and use their combined purchasing power to spread the cost of managing risk in relation to credit card chargebacks. The structure also enables AICS to tailor risk management products and services to meet the changing needs and emerging risks of the travel industry.

AICS is designed to complement the travel agency business model. There are no upfront insurance premiums for you to pay. When a consumer chooses to pay you by credit card, they will also pay the AICS contribution which will be held by the fund to cover any losses incurred in the event of a chargeback resulting from supplier failure. The AICS Contribution can be levied in your credit or debit card surcharging arrangements as AICS is compliant with the Reserve Bank of Australia, Standard No. 3 Of 2016 Scheme Rules Relating to Merchant Pricing for Credit Debit and Prepaid Card Transactions.

By becoming an AICS Member, not only are you ensuring that you are part of a scheme that protects your bottom line, you are also joining a robust organisation that is committed to assist you by providing access to a range of Acquirers and Payment Facilitators that offer innovative, tailored and cost effective payment solutions.