“Leading risk protection for the Australian travel industry”

The AFTA Insolvency Chargeback Scheme Limited (AICS) is a member focused non-profit organisation, established by the Australian Federation of Travel Agents Limited (AFTA). AICS is a mutual scheme providing risk protection products and services to support its AFTA Travel Accredited Scheme (ATAS) members.

What is AICS

AICS is a member focused non-profit organisation, which provides ATAS accredited members with access to innovative risk protection.

As a Mutual, AICS is owned by its members, and only members of AICS are entitled to the Supplier Failure Chargeback protection.

How AICS can help

By working together AICS uses the combined purchasing power of its members to spread the cost of managing risk in relation to credit card chargeback and to provide additional coverage and other benefits in areas where traditional insurance providers will not cover.


AICS Membership is exclusively available to AFTA members who hold a current ATAS accreditation.

The member owned structure also enables AICS to tailor risk management products and services to meet the changing needs and emerging risks of the travel industry.

Applications now open!